8 Best Dash Cam For Car In India 2021

Looking for high quality and affordable car dashcam? Check out our top suggestions for the best camera for your vehicle below.

While some automobiles do come with a dashcam already installed, if you bought a car that does not have this feature already, you can still use this technology by putting in your own dashcam.

The ability of the dash camera to record any potential collisions or any road-related disputes is the primary feature I was on the lookout for. 

I was on the lookout for something that has high video resolution to clearly capture plate numbers both day and night. We have prepared a list of best  budget dash cam for car in india.

So, whether you drive solo or with your family and baby that you want to look out for, you’ll need a dash camera that ticks your boxes.


Best Dash Cam For Car in India 2021

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1. DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera

Best Dash Cam For Car in India 2021

DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera with Upgraded Night Recording & Processor consists of the following features:

1. Super Capacitor

Built-in Supercapacitor provides higher durability and temperature resistance with a temperature range from -25 ⁰C to 85 ⁰C,

It is suitable for any weather conditions, extreme hot or extreme cold. This makes it more suitable for Indian hot climatic conditions and Suitable for 24H parking monitoring

2.Sharp Videos for Easier Readability of Number Plates

DDPAI Mini has a 2 MP CMOS sensor with 6 sets of full-glass lens due to which it can capture sharp videos at Full HD [email protected] Hisilicon Hi3516C Main Processor; 

3. Emergency Recording

With a built-in 6 axis G-sensor, it auto-detects a sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage to ‘Event File’ to prevent that video from an overwrite.

4. 24 Hour Continuous Parking Monitoring

Super Night Vision with WDR technology; Optional 24 Hours parking mode with Time Lapse @1fps recording which can significantly cover much longer recording time at smaller data space; 

Dual USB car charger included; Works with both 12V and 24V vehicles; Supports SD Card from upto 128GB (Recommended: Samsung Class10 SD Card upto 128GB)

5. Easy to understand the interface

APP-controlled operating interface is user-friendly and intuitive than traditional physical button-controlled cameras. 

You never know how to operate a traditional camera if you don’t read its user manual carefully, but you can easily understand and operate this camera in few minutes of self-learning.

2. 70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dash Cam

Best Dash Cam For Car in India

70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dash Cam consists of the following features:-

1. High-Resolution Lens

Featuring 6 Lens, F1.8, 1944P HD with WDR 140° wide angle that adjusts exposure & captures more detail both in darkness or strong light, producing super clear and vibrant images.

2. Camera’s  Screen  Focus

70mai Dash Cam A500S comes equipped with a 2″ IPS screen to view your recordings. 

F1.8 aperture 140° wide FOV (Field of View) with 6 layers of lenses effectively enhances image/video brightness and reduces blind spots.

3. Advanced River Assistance Systems(ADAS)

Built-in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), modern AI-powered technology designed to boost driving safety, 70mai Dash Cam A500S provides lane departure warning, forward collision warning and more to safeguard your daily trips.

4. G-Sensor and Emergency Accident Lock

5MP Sony Sensor & Dual-Core Processor and powerful processor make an extraordinary camera for your recording.

The built-in G-Sensor technology automatically saves footage in emergency events for you. Should any collision or crash happen, 70mai Dash Cam A500S auto-locks the real-time video segments and prevents them from being deleted or overwritten.

5. Compatibility to Mobile iOS/Android APP

Users can connect to the official 70mai mobile app via Wi-Fi to operate 70mai Dash Cam A500S directly on phone. 

Watch live streaming view, replay or download recorded footage whenever and wherever you want them. 70mai official mobile app supports iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 and above.

6. Facility of Night Vision

3D DNR and WDR significantly improve image clarity by reducing noise and adjusting exposure balance when recording in low-light or high-contrast environments. F1.8 large aperture pulls in more light to brighten up dark scene

Latest Updates :

  • Pro Plus+ A500S is the first model from 70mai to support route tracker feature.
  • Pro Plus+ A500S will not support VOICE COMMANDS
  • Pro Plus+ A500S will not support parking monitoring without hardwire kit
  • Pro Plus+ A500S will support only event parking monitoring with hardwire kit. It will no longer support time-lapse photography.
  • The GPS Module is now present inside the main dashcam body. It won’t come separately. So, when you receive your package, do not confuse with older model which had a separate GPS module.


3. Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam Car Camera

Best Dash Cam For Car in India

1. Ultra High Definition Recording

Based on the Novatek GM8135S processor and IMX323 CMOS high sensitivity image sensor. This combination allows for [email protected] fps high-quality recording in the day and at night.

2. 6G All-Glass Lens with IMX323 Sensor

Mode up of 6 layers glass, provides stunning, clear, and non-deformed images. 150° degree ultra-wide-angle lens, equipped with a low light sensor, enhances video quality at night.

3. Built-in WiFi

The B1W dash cam with WiFi function can connect to view footage, download videos, change settings via an APP on your iPhone or Android device and share to Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

It saves the hassle of removing the SD card and connecting to a PC to download/view the recorded videos.

4. Parking Mode Function

B1W comes with the Parking Mode function, which is triggered by the G-sensor. When an impact is detected by the G-sensor, the camera starts video recording 30 seconds automatically. 

The hardwire kit needed for Parking Mode is not included in the standard package, the buyer needs to buy it separately.

5. G-Sensor & Loop Recording

G-sensor – When the G-sensor detects a collision, the current video will be locked, ensuring your most important footage is kept protected.

Loop Recording – With Loop Recording, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings when the memory card is full, yet locked videos will be safe from being overwritten.

4. 70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dual Channel Car Dash Cam

Best Dash Cam For Car in India

1. 1944P Front & 1080P Rear Recording

With super high resolution, record movies anytime and anywhere, capturing details of your travel routes, without missing any wonderfulness during the journey.

2. 5MP Sony Sensor & Dual-Core Processor

Sensitive SONY IMX335 sensor and powerful processor make an extraordinary camera for your recording.

3. 3D-DNR, WDR & Superior Night Vision

 significantly improve image clarity by reducing noise and adjusting exposure balance when recording in low-light or high-contrast environments. F1.8 large aperture pulls in more light to brighten up dark scenes.

4. Optional 24-Hour Parking Surveillance

Specifically designed hardwire kit for 24 hours continuous parking monitoring. Records evidence when vehicle is left unattended. You can also turn off parking mode by just changing settings on the app itself.

5. GPS In-Built – Reliable GPS Connection

Equip your car with Advanced Driver Assistant System and get alerts to keep driving even safer.

In-built GPS is more reliable and secure and provided stable GPS connectivity.

6. See Full Driving Route Taken

You can view your driving route and speed using the 70mai App once the vehicle is back from the trip. Please note that this data can only be synchronized when you are in your car, you cannot view the location of car remotely.

5. 70mai DashCam Wide with Night Vision HD Rear Camera

Best Dash Cam For Car in India

1. Auto Brightness Control for Ease of use During Day/Night

70mai Mirror Dash Cam Wide features a 9.35” IPS full screen which provides board vision with awesome details. 

The screen is auto-dimming so that it changes brightness with ambient light conditions. This is very helpful during the day/night as you do not need to manually adjust brightness.

2. App Control and Easy Video Preview & Download

70mai APP supports both IOS & Android systems, allowing you to download both front and rear cameras videos through Wi-Fi. Also, lock emergency video to “Event File” to prevent an overwrite.

3. Auto Brightness Control for Ease of use During Day/Night

70mai Mirror Dash Cam Wide features a 9.35” IPS full screen which provides board vision with awesome details.

The screen is auto-dimming so that it changes brightness with ambient light conditions. This is very helpful during the day/night as you do not need to manually adjust brightness.

4 .35 Inch Full-Screen Display

Anyone who drives has undoubtedly experienced a blind spot. It can occur when the A-pillar, side-view mirrors or interior rear-view mirror block your view of the road. 

Cargo, headrests, and additional pillars in the rear of the vehicle can also create blind spots. During rainstorms, it could be harder to see and drivers need to remain very alert.

5. Real-Time Reverse View with Parking Assist Lines

70mai Rearview Dash Cam Wide brings perfect reversing vision to drivers. Also, the powerful Hi3556 V200 Processor of Rearview Dash Cam Wide makes real-time feedback possible

6. Procus Iris Car Dash Camera

Best Dash Cam For Car in India


  • G-SENSOR: In case of a serious collision, the gravity sensor prompts the dashcam to lock the video file immediately.
  • CYCLIC RECORDING: Iris automatically replaces old unlocked videos with the new footage, ensuring that your memory card never runs out of space.
  • PARKING MONITOR: Worried about your car while it’s parked for hours in an obscure parking lot? The parking monitor will keep track of all activity while you are away.
  • MOTION DETECTION: The motion detection feature allows Iris to record and save videos automatically even in standby mode.
  • WIDE FIELD VIEW: The 120-degree wide-angle lens makes sure that Iris doesn’t miss even a single detail that comes its way.



Worried about your children driving rashly or how your drivers (Chauffeurs) are using your vehicle? Procus IRIS lets you view videos on how the car was driven with video footage.


In standby mode, if any kind of motion is detected, the motion detection function prompts the dash camera to start recording and save the video automatically.


The cyclic recording has various options of 1 min, 3 mins, 5 mins, etc. It allows the dash camera to overwrite the old video (except the locked video) automatically so that the SD card does not get full.


G-Sensor means Gravity Sensor. If there is a serious vehicle collision, the dash camera locks the video file immediately.


dash cam for car review

7. QAWACHH HD Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

Best Dash Cam For Car in India

Features of the product

a. Very good night vision. Very few times the bright headlights can be very bright.
b. Gives bright picture at a wide-angle.
c. Camera angle up and down can be adjusted with a finger on the screen. This is amazing
d. Even if the cabin is fill with people or goods that block the rear view, the camera still gives a great rear view.
e. I have fixed it outside under the spoiler. It gives a good high viewpoint. Hopefully, it will give a good uninterrupted view in the rains too.
f. I haven’t used it as a recorder as yet. I guess that must be good.
g. This Price is extremely attractive for this product.

8. 70mai Dash Cam Lite

1. 1080P Full HD

Full HD 1080P dash cam and advanced video encoding storage compression improve the picture quality dramatically. 130-degree field of vision which covers four lanes of traffic gives you a better vision.

2. Super Clear Night Vision

Make sharp and colorful recordings even in low light. STARVIS CMOS SONY IMX 307 sensor with an effective photosensitive area is superb for night vision. When in dark, it will automatically adjust and optimize light before recording.

3. G-Sensor and Loop Recording

The G-sensor function automatically detects a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten.

Auto-overwriting the older footage with the latest ones to save space for your micro memory card.

4. WDR – Wide Dynamic Range

WDR technology can adjust exposure balance, enabling the camera to capture greater detail and to process more light on the sensor, and produce a more vibrant image.

5. 24-Hour Parking Surveillance

Dash cam will automatically start recording when there is a collision being detected by the built-in G-sensor. It will remind you to check the event video when you go back to the car.

How to choose the best Dash Cam For Car?

Dashcams have gained in popularity recently in part because of jaw-dropping viral videos of stunt driving and stunning weather activity, like a gorgeous sunset or menacing tornado.

Perhaps a less fun, but more important reason that drivers are putting dash cams into cars is to limit liability in accidents and capture vandalism when parked. 

Especially if you drive a company car or work for Lyft, Uber, or any other taxi service, having video proof of your role in an accident is crucial.

For everyone else, it’s just another piece of evidence to furnish to your insurance company in case of an accident or vehicle damage.

Back It Up

Dash cam manufacturers have also entered into the rear-facing backup cam business. Many newer dashcam models have dual cameras that can be used side-by-side to get a wider field of view, or as simultaneous forward- and backward-facing cameras.

Driver Assists, Wireless Connectivity, and Apps

Dashcam companies have started adding driver-assist features that you’ll find on newer, high-tech cars, such as lane departure warnings and forward collision alerts. 

Typically, these features kick in when you reach a certain speed. They could come in handy after a long day on the road or if you’re using a company vehicle; they’re not must-haves, though. 

Safety camera alerts, including red light and speed cameras, are helpful in avoiding traffic tickets. Some devices can even alert you of school zones and upcoming curves.

Certain dash cams double as radar detectors, with alerts to safety cameras and radar traps. Depending on the camera, you might need to pay an additional fee for services like these; we include the details in our individual reviews.

Some dash cams have Bluetooth in order to connect and sync with mobile apps, while others (though not many) use Wi-Fi. Pairing via Bluetooth also means, in some cases, that you can make and receive calls and text messages via voice.

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